Goals and Objectives

FY 2016-2017

Each year, concurrent with the review and adoption of the municipal budget, the City Council develops its Goals & Objectives. These  items reflect the projects, challenges, and legislative matters deemed by the Council to be among the most important of the fiscal year and beyond.

At the March 15 and 22, 2016 study sessions, the City Council-reviewed the proposed 2015-16 Goals & Objectives, debated each item, recommended adjustments, and directed staff to bring an updated  list forward for approval.  The recommended list identifies eight primary goals, as follows:

  • 1 - Develop  and implement responsible fiscal policy that ensures long-term financial sustainability.
  • 2 - Pursue  transportation infrastructure improvements that mitigate  traffic congestion in Diamond Bar.
  • 3 - Implement a long-term economic development policy strategy that attracts and retains quality small businesses and national/regional credit tenants.
  • 4 - Maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community.
  • 5 - Provide an open, efficient  and responsive local government.
  • 6 - Provide and maintain high quality  public facilities,  infrastructure, and equipment.
  • 7 - Provide high quality community and recreation programs and services that meet the needs of the diverse Diamond Bar community.
  • 8 - Develop and maintain a professional and effective workforce to serve the public.

Each goal is followed by a series of specific objectives/tasks meant to further the ultimate accomplishment of the goal.

To view the objectives and/or tasks for the current fiscal year, click here.