Quick Reference - Who Do I Call?

Phone Numbers for Commonly Requested Information

Information about: Contact: Phone Number:
Bee Removal Private Company 562.462.2137
Birth Certificates L.A. County Registrar/Recorder 562.462.2137
Building Inspection Hotline Building & Safety Division 909.839.7027
Business Licenses Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Cable Television Time Warner 888.892.2253
City Hall Hours and location City Hall 909.839.7000
City Manager City Manager's Office 909.839.7010
City Newsletter Public Information Division 909.839.7055
City Website

Public Information Division

City Ordinances Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Code Enforcement Issues Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Crossing Guards Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Development (commercial/residential) Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Diamond Ride Enrollment Public Works Department 909.839.7045
Diamond Ride Reservations Cab Company 800.578.6555
Discounted Tranist Passes Transit Services 909.839.7045
Emergencies 911
Employment Opportunities Human Resources Division


Encroachment Permits Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Garage Sales Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Graffiti Removal Hotline Community Development Dept. 800.764.7384
Highway Conditions Caltrans 800.427.7623
Home Improvement Assistance Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Household Hazardous Waste Hotline LA County Public Works 800.CLEAN.LA
Inoperable vehicles Neighborhood Improvement 909.839.7030
Marriage License LA County Registrar/Recorder 562.462.2137
Mayor's Office City Manager's Office 909.839.7010
Median Maintenance - water runoff Community Services Department 909.839.7060
Mosquito Abatement Vector Control 562.955.9656
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Sheriff's Department 909.348.8334
Parking Citations Citation Processing Center 800.989.2058
Pet Licensing Inland Valley Humane Society 909.623.9777
Plan Checks, Permits & Inspections Building & Safety Division 909.839.7020
Power Outages SCE 800.611.1911
Property Taxes LA County Tax Assessor 626.258.6001
Property Maintenance Neighborhood Improvement 909.839.7030
Public Safety - Non-Emergency
- Sheriff's Department Walnut Sheriff's Station 909.595.2264
- Fire Department - local stations Headquarters 909.629.9671
Emergencies, call 911
Recreation Activities Community Services Department 909.839.7070

Rental of all City Facilities

Community Services Department 909.839.7070
Retail Space Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
RFP/ Bids available City Clerk's Office 909.839.7010
Roadway Maintenance Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Roadway Construction Projects Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Signage Regulations - Businesses Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030
Senior Services Community Services Department 909.839.7068
Special Events Community Services 909.839.7070
Street Maintenance/Repairs Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Street Lights in need of repair Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Street Sweeping Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Street Parking Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Traffic Citations (not parking) Walnut Sheriff's Station 909.594.2264
Traffic Concerns (Citywide) Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Traffic Signals Public Works Department 909.839.7040
Tree Maintenance (parkway) Community Services Department 909.839.7070
Vehicle Towing Walnut Sheriff's Station 909.839.7040
Voter Registration LA County Registrar/Recorder 800.815.2666
Weed Abatement Public Works Department 909.839.7040
 Zoning Community Development Dept. 909.839.7030